CALEA Standard 1.2.9 Annual Report Requirement


My agency is currently in the self-assessment phase of the CALEA Tier 1 accreditation process.  I am looking at standard 1.2.9, specifically bullet C.  Does anyone have a sample of what a report like this should look like?  It seems like it ties in to the CIMRS reports, but I want to make sure we wouldn’t be doing too much/too little for what this report should require.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.


The agency has a written directive governing unlawful or improper bias in public safety and, at a minimum, includes the following provisions:--

  • a prohibition against unlawful or improper bias in public safety;
  • initial training prior to assignment, and annual refresher training in biased issues including legal aspects, for all affected personnel; and
  • a documented annual administrative review of activities with potential for bias to include, but not limited to, traffic and field contacts, asset forfeiture efforts, citizen complaints and any corrective measures taken.

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I have attached what we use for 1.2.9C. These two pages come from our annual report. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

Jeff Rasche

Fort Myers PD


Thank you, Jeff.  This is really helpful.  I usually help out with the yearly annual report, but we didn’t have a section like this.  This would be simple enough for us to implement going forward.  I appreciate you sharing this.