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I have a policy document when, in draft, the embedded links work fine to direct me to other DMS documents. Once I published it, the links do not work. Other documents with similar embedded links work fine. 

I saw a previous thread similar to this from three years ago but no response. Help!

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I have a few thoughts: You may want to move this under the PowerPolicy group. Personally, I have not had this issue with my hyperlinks not working, so I am not sure what is going on, I would love to try to help, what kind of document are you working with? Word? PDF? etc?


Here is another conversation about it that is more recent than the one you mentioned. 





I can walk you through it via telephone if you want to call my office. I have not had this issue either, but we can try to solve it. 


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Thank you. I diagnosed and it was actually a glitch with the document (Word) and not a DMS issue. I just had to rebuild the five page policy! 😒

I appreciate the quick responses! Be safe and be well.